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Re: Baseline skillset

Thats true.....BUT!

I've had guys "explain" what I just showed them -back at me- far better than I just did. But all they had were words. A favorite joke in my place is when someone says "Ohhh! I do this and this. And then the idea is to do that ....." And we all watch......
But they can't do.....squat.
There are a whole bunch of guys reading this right now...laughing.

Its hard enough one-on-one. Words and explanations help. But its all about the work, and training. Much like learning any other budo's waza. These skills are a skill that needs to be trained and built upon.
I had a very good teacher say to me
Everyone talks
you? Shugyo
years go by
everyone's still talking
then you get up to demonstrate
then everyone knows the truth

Its a great model and admonition to research, and then do the work, because in the end, no one can stand.. for us, not our teacher, not our school, not our arts rep...or our words.
In the end our understanding... is in our hands.
Its no different than giving a book report on koryu bujutsu. Reciting all the right lingo and sounding like an expert!!
That's why Mike says meebee meebe not


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