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Re: Int. Vs. Ext - resisting a push

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Also, can folks please explicitly include discussions of aikido in threads within the "Internal Training in Aikido" forum?

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a push is slow moving of a strike, be it shomen uchi or yokomen or others. if we can deal with the slow, then we can learn to deal with the fast moving motions. Hunter mentioned about not really resisting the push which is the core of aiki, that is combining/merging (don't really like the term blending unless i am making a margarita) of two energies: uke's and nage's. resisting isn't merging/combining, but opposing. the idea behind unity is merging, makes the energy of the push your own. how we do that determines how we do our aikido techniques. this is the core of what Ikeda sensei said about aikido techniques versus aikido technique movements.

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