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Re: the hakama,why cant we all get along?


I like practicing Aikido, I'd do it in a pair of tighty-whiteys.
Who cares whether they're wearing the "fancy" pants or not?

If my technique is so smoking hot that I can't for the life of me figure out how to progress any further in that area, then, maybe I will really start to focus on improving my martial fashion sense.

However, if my Sensei were to request I wear a Hakama, I'd do it, His House, His rules.


p.s. - I'm sure it happens, but, I rarely here about a similar controversy from students of other arts. I have a pal who practices Ninpo, I have never heard him say anything along the lines of: "Oh man, I can't wait till I'm allowed to wear the fancy toe seperating ninja socks (tabi)!!!!!"

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