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Re: The internal 'how to' thread... let's hope

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
I just laughed and sent messages to a bunch of people to go look. It basically just confirms the point that there is a perspective badly awry in Aikido among many people. Even more strangely, it implies that Ikeda Sensei is probably not a good judge of what is or is not in Aikido, since he's bringing in an outsider to teach "kokyu" at workshops.

There's a more subtle discussion of these topics on other forums that avoids the politics, so I tend to spend more time there. I think the people in Aikido who are actively attempting to collect useful information for their Aikido have already begun to do so. Most of the others will go back to sleep as soon as the noise dies down.


Glad I could provide you with some merriment then

As far as Ikeda Sensei goes, I don't know the man except to say that I would quite enjoy the opportunity to practice with him one day. I really don't much care what his view of this stuff is. I'm sure that he, like many other aikidoka some of who couldn't care less about 'internal skills' have much to offer everyone. I've noted over the years that people without the skills so often discussed lately are plenty good at what they do and definitely worth learning from in many many ways. I certainly wouldn't consider running around telling everyone who does aikido that they need to do it the way I do it, it'd just be a version of my style/art/sensei is better than yours and I'd come accross as a big fat loudmouth. Certainly most aikidoka I've ever met both online and off would never be interested in hearing such things and would likely take offense at it (I remember the ki-wars in the 90s on aikido-l well enough for that, and I only caught the tail end of them, they were mostly done by the time I joined in 97, and sure enough when ever I opened my mouth to talk about these things I sounded like a big fat loudmouth). I suspect that this is why a lot of people have gotten annoyed at all this recently (including myself). Anyway that's not the point of this thread so that's all I'll say about it or it'll just take a nosedive into the abyss.

If I get time later I'm gonna go through the baseline skills thread again and re-read Rob's stuff. I've been thinking about a few things that might be worth adding to the how-to discussion. We'll see.


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