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Re: The internal 'how to' thread... let's hope

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
But unbendable arm that is taught in a few minutes isn't anywhere near unmoveable arm, is it? That was my whole point. But, if you give someone years of training, then shouldn't that unbendable arm also be the unmoveable arm? It should if they're doing internal training, no? You missed the whole point of my post. Again, if the ki exercises are the same as internal training, then you'll see both with unmovable arm. That's the point. And whether or not the Ki Society has these exercises is the open question that I never answered. Mostly because it depends on the dojo in question, not the society overall.

If I missed the whole point of your post you missed the whole point of my point. Namely that someone who thinks the way you do/did (you mentioned it elsewhere too and it was quite telling that you didn't know what unbendable arm was at all) about the exercises is going to be far more impressed when they see the real thing than someone else might. That was all. Didn't mean that what you said was wrong, and the ki exercises are and aren't internal training all at the same time, they're just a tool used by a teacher to teach these things. Not the skill itself, people always misunderstand the methods used because they see with a beginners eye the emphasis being placed on the exercises, just as others have said that people practice only the external waza and not the internal skill. The advantage the ki tests have is that they are a way of measuring and assessing that has been formally codified and that they focus on a few movements of the many possible ones that are most illustrative of the feeling you need to attain (when you do it correctly that is, which is of course what your instructor is there for).


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