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Re: Just my thoughts

Brian Vickery wrote:
...that's a whole other topic, people quitting after shodan! At my dojo about 2 in 100 make it from 5th kyu to shodan ...and of those that are shodans, only about one in 10 make it to nidan! The numbers aren't very reassuring! ...but that's just the way it is!

...and Arizona is great ...and that's coming from someone who spent the first 30 years of my life living in southern California!

Best Regards,

Brian Vickery
Is it possible that what we are talking about here may play a part in that? I have often thought this when people come and go, I understand we all have personal issues at times I recently took some time off to take care of family issues that I needed to address. Many people do not have a martial arts background and aikido is the first stop or they have a minimal background which clouds their judgement as to what is effective and what is not. I know when I first started aikido I walked into a dojo and saw the 3tatami running shomen uchi and did not think that to be overly effective. I tried the dojo out but left after a few months for many of the reasons I mentioned in my post. Maybe we sould conduct exit interviews much like when you leave a job.

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