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Re: Just my thoughts

Brian Vickery wrote:
...everybody comes to the art for different reasons, even instructors. I guess the people who are looking for a particular type of practice will support the instructor who is teaching it that way. It may not be what you or I want to practice, but it must be wanted by somebody, or else it wouldn't be existing out there!
I agree my reason was after years of karate I looked at what I was doing, and realized there had to be a better way. The art I loved became nothing more than kata's and kickboxing which is great but it is not a martial art. We all have our own path and must make our own aikido.

Quote: may be that you will have to keep this belief inside until the day comes when you start teaching. Beleive me, the way you feel about aikido deep down inside is what you will be teaching! At that time people of like thinking will seek you out & support your dojo.
Brian Vickery

Thats a long ways away my friend, I have a long way to go but I love this art!

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