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Re: Just my thoughts

Jorge Garcia wrote:
I think I know what you're talking about. I just think you're not looking at it from an instructor's point of view. Everyone is different and people want different things from the training and they also want to learn it it different ways. You may want something done differently that you believe will help the training overall but that's just you. The training encompasses everyone in the room. We let people practice more in the point of your post but only if they are brown or black belts. By that time, they know enough of the art to have the fundamentals down. They also know how to take care of themselves. At the earlier stages, they tend to get the wrong idea and they get the impression that Aikido is about fighting rather than about stopping fighting.
I agree with what you in that training should come at different levels, and all things have a time and a place. The first premise of aikido is avoidence, simply not being there when uke's strike arrives. Creating off ballance effecting ukes center and so on but ultimatly when some one attacks combat has occured wether we want it or not.

For sure, there are sloppy attacks out there and things that aren't good from a martial point of view. I'm not arguing for that at all. It's just that people that say they want more realism from aikido need to be in that atmosphere to really appreciate what all that entails. Everything has a direction and a destination. People will take whatever you show them in a dojo and extend it. Then you will be dealing with the "horror stories". That's what I want to stay away from. I have plenty of friends with permanent injuries but I'm still here in one piece years later and I don't have any complaints about how we trained nor do I have any doubts if it worked for me.
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I belive realism can occur with minimal risk for injury. A commited attack does not have to be ballistic as a matter of fact a persise controlled uke is much more dangerous than a ballistic non engaged uke. Yes injury can happen in anything that we train even golf

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