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Re: Just my thoughts

Brian Vickery wrote:
Hello Brian,

I'm just curious, have you checked out other dojo, styles or organizations to see how they train? Not ALL aikido dojo fit the description in your message.

Take a look around & see if you can find what you're looking for!


Brian Vickery
Hey Brian, I apologize my intent was not to vocalize any displeasure with my dojo or my instructor. The system in which I train puts emphasis on this very subject. There are no disposable uke allowed within this system, thats not just coming from my instructor but from the head of our organization. My intent of this post was an observation things that I have seen and witnessed over time. Granted demonstrations are what they are but if you watch closely over and over again you begin to see subtle things that if evident there are evident in free practice. An example is a demonstration I watched in which uke's strike tracked tori's head which allowed technique to happen. It is physically impossible for a committed attack to track its target unless there was no intent to begin with. Yet uke still threw himself. Yes this was just a demo yet I am certain it occurs in free practice as well. Many times you see uke standing waiting while tori is doing something, I am not attempting to point fingers and say that this dojo is better than that dojo, I feel that for this art that I love to grow we need to look at ourselves and our training partners/instructors and test the waters so to speak. No running from 3 mats away arm raised signaling attack rather attack with commitment and regardless of who is on the receiving end of our attack recover to be dangerous and go again. This is how we practice honestly with each other yet this is not a common practice if the truth be told.

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