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Jorge Garcia
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Re: Just my thoughts

I know of a high ranking person who switched instructors after his teacher put him in the hospital for the third time (and it involved months of recovery). I also personally heard another high ranking teacher talk about how he broke a 5th dan's student's arm in 36 places between the elbow and shoulder with a shihonage. If you really practice at a dojo where the training is realistic to the core, I not only believe you won't like it, I don't think you'll be in this art very long. The nature of these techniques require a controlled atmosphere in order to practice them safely and sanely. I know how to resist techniques and we do that once in a while but making it a dojo method of training is a good way to get a lot of mileage out of your medical insurance. I know where to find a dojo like the one you described but I for one want no part of it.
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