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David Orange
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Re: Suckerpunched, ouch

Robert John wrote:
Just ... couldn't... resist...

Using a fist isn't necessarily bad, and its not bad for "Ki" flow, assuming David even knows what Ki flow is?
Hey, Rob,

After all your schooling in our previous discussions, I did go look up Sam Chin (or is it Chinn?) Very intersting that his home page defines ki in almost the same terms I use. You might want to review that.

Simply clenching the hand is bad for the "ki" flow.
Which is why I said that.

Hold it like they do in Baji, and it's just fine.
Or as they do in xing yi or taiji.

David's correct about using the palm, (not in its ub3r d3ad1lniess) but if you don't know how to punch, it's better to stick to a palm. It's harder to screw up the aligment.
Of course, in bagua, "the palm" is the whole arm and, ultimately, the whole body.

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