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Re: Obama Cult of Personality

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I stand corrected and I apologize. I still stand behind everything else. There is a BIG difference between the exuberance of people and an enacted, political agenda.

Marc Abrams
If it was just the exuberance of a few there would be no problem but it isn't. Just as the ACORN scandal is not a few "part time idiots" in one location this is not a few exuberant teachers in one location. As my post about Charisse Carney-Nunes shows there are organized people with some connection to Obama using official school functions.

Here are excerpts from a speech (World Economic Forum in Caracas, Venezuela. in 2006 ) by Bill Ayers who along with Obama served on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge;

"I began teaching when I was 20 years old in a small freedom school affiliated with the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. The year was 1965, and I'd been arrested in a demonstration. Jailed for ten days, I met several activists who were finding ways to link teaching and education with deep and fundamental social change. They were following Dewey and DuBois, King and Helen Keller who wrote: "We can't have education without revolution. We have tried peace education for 1,900 years and it has failed. Let us try revolution and see what it will do now."


"As students and teachers begin to see themselves as linked to one another, as tied to history and capable of collective action, the fundamental message of teaching shifts slightly, and becomes broader, more generous: we must change ourselves as we come together to change the world. Teaching invites transformations, it urges revolutions small and large. La educacion es revolucion!"

Here is another example;


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