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Re: Teaching .... I have a question.

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What my federation, the USAF, has put into place in the last few years goes somewhat in this direction in that the teaching certificates are renewd yearly and you are required to show up to seminars taught by the shihans of the technical comittee. There is no dojo certification, but a dojo without a certified instructor is not authorized to grade it's own students, even for the lowest kyu grades.

The real test though will be quality control. Will those in charge be willing to deny the certificate to people they judge unworthy or to take it away from those that do not live up the commitments. There is no way of doing this without pissing people off and making a stink. I've seen people get failed for horrible dan tests complain how it was all politics, that they only failed because they didn't go to the "right" seminars (i.e. those taught by the shihan on the testing panel).
Yamada Sensei from what I've seen doesn't fail people easily and gives a lot of consideration to many different things when testing people. When he does have to fail some one it definitely is very disappointing for him. So for people to say it is politics are being very disrespectful. When Yamada Sensei has to fail some one it is definitely upsetting his evening... at least from what I've seen. And the Sensei's of failing students definitely hear about it.
As for the Technical committee... where Yamada Sensei runs a 10 minute Dan test, I've been seeing a trend of the Technical committee running 25-45 minute test these past few years.
The shihan are the ones who've received full transmission in the art. I think it is a good move to require fukishidoin and shidoin to attend regular instruction from their shihan to maintain their instructor's rank. It is good for all Aikidoka in my opinion to get out there and see the broader world of Aikido in general. Sometimes you can spend so much time in your own little dojo that you start to believe your own hype, and you forget there are giants out there. A reality check is important for all Aikidoka from time to time in my opinion. I think the USAF understands this, so much so officially 1st kyu and higher are also required to attend these seminars if they plan on gaining rank.
Also I've seen lately these instructor's classes Yamada Sensei has been holding at seminars.. Teachers only. I sat in to watch a few. He's become very strict on what he expects people to be teaching at their dojo. And very strict on what he expects students to look like when they come up to test for a dan test. I think this is a very good step.

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