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Re: Seiza pain?

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I believe seiza is beginning to cause me persistent pain in my left foot. The left foot is the one whose big toe I curl up to cross over the other. The pain is very sharp and is on the inside of my foot where the foot and ankle come together. At first, this pain was only noticeable when I was in seiza, but then it started to affect my ukemi, and now is noticeable even when doing normal things with the foot like walking.

I have been cutting back on seiza in the dojo; it is to the point now that I only assume the seiza position when bowing and doing kokyudosa to avoid further pain. Even this, though, isn't making it go away.

I am going to see my doctor about this soon, but has anyone else had similar seiza pain? What did you do about it? How long did it last? I am really at my wits' end here.
I would strongly advise you to limit your seiza activity.Having done Aikido for over thirty years and recently suffered from meniscus knee injury I now have virtually a useless right leg which pains me even during sleep.I suggest you rest and seek moreinfo/ assistance from eg a physio/masseur/podiatrist.
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