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Re: techniquies in street fights

Matt Molloy wrote:

What you've just advocated here is to walk into an Aikido dojo and, after giving somebody a tanto, grabbing them by the wrist.

Let's look at that again shall we?



Grab them by the wrist.????


What attack do we most train against in Aikido?

Hmmm. Could it be a wrist grab by any chance?
Umm it's an excercise to show that if you control their wrist they'll have a hard time using the knife.
Don't worry though I'll explain the whole wrist taking thing and place it in context.
You grab the wrist to take the knife out of the equation and to take his attention. Now obviously you don't then stand there waiting to be floored like an uke does. So at the same time you use something else to take him out of the equation. My favorite being grabbing the tracea combined with Osoto-otoshi. Now you try defending against a wrist grab when you're being choaked, taken off balance and are also having your legs reaped from under you. Bearing in mind that taking the wrist and throat and kuzushi are simultaneous and the reap is a quater of a second after and this is happening while you think you're attacking, so clear any thoughts you may have of seeing it coming. The whole thing takes about 0.75 seconds.

That's why wrist grabs are always taught as being purely training. In our dojo a grab is explained as a simulated punch. In real life by the time you realise your wrist's been grabbed you've been punched twice.

Remember I'm basing all this on the way I was taught to use a knife which is basically sumerised by either 1) Slash as atemi and stab to finish off 2) Grab and stab 3) Grab, slash and stab. With the slashes going to the thigh, wrists, neck etc.
Appart from all your take downs from behind obviously. Although obviously not in Aikido where we only do all your basic attacks but with a knife.
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