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The speed of a technique

Hi Everyone,
After a good sessions training and gradings on the weekend at our head dojo, we returned to our home dojo at the start of this week and continued with our usual training.

We were running through some kihon in suwari waza, and my uke had been instructed by sensei to resist the technique more and not just flow with me.

We ran through the shomen uchi nikkyo a few times at what I would suggest was a relaxed pace, during which time my uke (being about 15cm taller and prob. 20-odd kgs in weight on me) was able to effectively resist.

During one iteration my uke turned quickly and attacked at a much faster pace, which didn't really phase me, but suddenly I found that there was no chance for resistance.

I can reliably duplicate the technique whether fast or slow, so I was left wondering if it was something to do with the speed/flow of the technique, or whether I really should be able to do the technique at any speed? In a sense it felt very much that attacking slower and responding in kind probably left more of an opening to resist.

It was good to feel the connection at speed, the moving of my centre and my uke's, and of course it was satisfying to do the technique in a smooth flowing manner. I just feel that the speed issue left me a little wonting at the slower end of the scale.

Thoughts appreciated.
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