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Article: "Great Aikido - Aikido Greats" by Ellis Amdur

Posted 2020-05-27 12:09:56 by Jun Akiyama
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Here is a lovely article from Ellis Amdur on his thoughts on what components constitute a "great" practitioner of classical aikido.

From the article: "I wish to tease out the components that I have observed among those who were able to -- and did -- protect their training hall against dojo breakers or people who challenged them on the mat, striving to embarrass them or worse; those who handled taryujiai; and those who had or have a particular brilliance that has garnered them true respect, not only among other aikidoka, but among practitioners of other martial arts as well. I am making as clear a distinction as I can between the excellent aikido practitioner, whatever their rank and true virtuosos."

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