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Re: Female uke

Troy Copes wrote:
I had the same problem in the beginning (been in Aikido for almost 4 months). Part of my Code of Honor is to NEVER harm a woman. I was afraid that when I first had to do anything with a woman at my dojo (they are all Shodan and Nidan), that I would hurt them. After a bit of working with different people, you learn how to tell how much they can handle. But it is always a good thing to go slow in the technique, and not at full force. When in doubt, ask Sensei.
I never had a problem with women uke. My first sensei is a woman, and she can wipe the floor with all of us men in the dojo without breathing hard. Also was national judo champion in her weight class at one point. So no, I don't have a problem with treating women with "real energy" in my attacks. Sometimes I wonder if not harming me is part of their code of honor.

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