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Walter Martindale
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Re: Strengthening Neck after injury

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Thank you David! Plastic baseball bats are a great idea! and I did notice that it's easy to injure yourself if you don't do it right but when you do do it right it feels great !!!

Walter - Haha ! Nice! I like your professor! I think I got big back in the days because of the combination of training and diet which must have been wrong for what I was trying to achieve. I was kinda crazy back than, working out with ridiculous weights and setting ridiculous goals while not knowing much. Oh well, we live, we learn!
About the resistance, sorry, I'm a bit confused... Where do the weights go, and how did you work that up to 2lb?

p.s. Hope your neck feels better!
Thanks - one Naproxen and a day working it's mostly better.
If you do the "lie on the bed move your head" exercise, the weight is your head... Lots of repetitions of movements.
If you're attaching anything... ANYTHING... to your head as a weight for strength training, it has to be very light because of the length of the levers involved - you've got a real mechanical disadvantage... Frankly, I'd use gravity, and perhaps your hands pushing - for example - put your hand against your forehead, "nod" down (chin to chest) but slow the "nod" by resisting with your hand. You can do this fore-aft, side-side, at "quarters" - kind of in the eight directions of bokken suburi training, but resistance training for your neck. It's not exciting.. Actually it's pretty boring.. but it does strengthen the little muscles of your neck as well as some of the bigger ones.
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