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Re: 4th kyu test what is expected?

At our dojo, it sort of depends on how many people are testing. As long as there's room on the mat, everyone will go up together, but the teaching committee is trying to look at all of them, so the more people who are up there, the longer you will be up there doing techniques. We had a test in July with one person testing for sixth, one for fifth, three for fourth and one for third. They all started at the same time, then the sixth kyu candidate got told to sit down while everyone else continued...then fifth...etc. It was kind of the worst possible situation, really -- if there had been more, they would have had to take turns and could have got some rest; if there had been fewer, it wouldn't have taken as long for the teaching committee to see all they needed to see. Honestly, I think it was probably an hour and fifteen minutes on the clock, maybe an hour and a half, until all tests were done, but some of that time must have been spent bowing and whatnot (the third kyu candidate didn't drop dead...that's the only way I can explain it). Tests like that tend to wear out the whole dojo
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