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Re: Counter techniques against Judo: the process of forming Aikido in 1930s

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I'd like for an idiomatic Japanese reader with some familiarity with aiki, etc., to take a look at the characters for "straining hands" before I'd totally accept that the translation was accurate, though.


I wouldn't as I am unconcerned what an idiomatic reader who knows aiki (whatever that means to them) has to say about the training methods of DR and why you do it. The discussion was "straining hands in Daito ryu" what he was discussing, not aikido, not kito ryu, not judo, not CMA.In other words regardless of the correct or incorrect interpretation of an idograph- there is only one that applies.
To further that, were he to "understand" the topic he wouldn't forward the point even were it idiomatically correct without correcting that explanation. Really he would never have forwarded the other point, as well were he conversant of this one point as they are in fact related in ways he clearly doesn't understand.
Yet he attributes this skill-which has some depth to it past his cursory treatment, as yet another Ueshiba "discovery"...of what turns out to be another detailed prior teaching Ueshiba spent twenty years learning under Takeda.
Every year or so I am reminded of Ueshiba's statement that "Takeda opened my eyes to true budo." and I smile. .

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