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Re: Mushin /Mugamai

Michael Gelum wrote: View Post
Wrong. What you are attempting to describe is rote memorization of technique.

Anyone ever hear of " Mushin, Mugamae" ?

I did not think so, or some you would not just now be realizing this?
Dear Michael

You flatter yourself to think that you are unique in being familiar with both these terms.If anyone wishes to check out the meaning of Mushin you will see that it is a Zen based concept relating to a state of no mind.However to acquire this state one has to do thousands of repetitive movements [in the discipline ] in order to have the ability to be totally free in action without conscious thought.
I hardly think a beginner would acquire this state of mind
in a short period of time.As far as mugamai is concerned the concept of leading or inviting an opponent to attack is also in my mind not something a beginner would grasp straight away.
I hope I have no drifted of course in respect of my comments.
Best regards, Joe.
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