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Re: Poor posture seems to be on the rise.

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Dear David,
I consider Kenshiro Abbe 8th Dan , Founder of Kyu Shin Do possibly one if not the greatest Budo master ever.He was not a big man but his aikido/judo skills were /are legendary.Sad to say he is only remenbered here in the U,K by people such as Henry Ellis/Derek Eastman , Bob Thomas, and some old time Judo/Aikidoka.I once participated in an event with Abbe Sensei where Abbe Sensei took on a long line of Dan grades in Judo , some tough guys, and bounced all with a variety of waza within minutes and without breaking sweat.
All those little Japanese guys who came to the West and stayed a long time, taking on all comers were phenomenal. Thanks to the fellows you mention above, such names as Kenshiro Abbe have gained broad fame. It's a great legacy you gentlemen hold.

Best wishes.


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