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Hello Drew !
Its great to hear from you !

I really look forward to training with you often. My first day was today (monday) and I attended the 7:00AM,5:30PM, and the 6:45PM classes after struggling with proper form and movement I can't wait to get into Sensai Pauls class.

The observations are from my own perspective with the expectations that "I" had. Personally, I am a very dedicated person when I put my mind to something. I tend to take my training perhaps too seriously (although I dont believe one can be too serious)

I enjoyed meeting you tonight (I think that was you anyway *smiles*) and thank you for the social invite after class.

Thank you,
New England Aikikai

"We see the world as WE are, not as IT is, because it is the I behind the EYE that does the seeing"
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