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Re: Kicking in Aikido and MMA

John Powell wrote: View Post
I did some full contact stuff back in the day, and I gotta say, that head kick knockout was sexy in an athletic way, Henry. The ability to kick to head height with power/speed & accuracy is a very nice tool to have in the bag, but if you get one, it can turn into a too-attractive thing to try to pull out too quick or too often. That's not advice for him, just personal experience.

Now I just twist people up and push them over. Seems more civilized to have them hollering and asking me to let go than to just knock them silly or senseless.

(Most of the last bit above is tongue-in-cheek, henry. You can be very proud of that kid, he's going to be great.)
Hi John

Checking in.

As you rightly say, I am very proud of young Jay who is attracting a lot of attention in MMA.

Jay has great respect for his Aikido background, he is following on a family tradition - his great grandfather Fred was the heavy weight boxing champion of the British Army ( photos on Jay Dods MMA Blog ) his great uncle Charlie was a travelling fairground take all boxer and bare knuckle fighter - his father is Rik Ellis Aikido dan grade - and the UK1 light heavy weight champion - and the icing on his cake is having a good looking grandfather

Henry Ellis
Co-author ` Positive Aikido`
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