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Re: XX's and OO's from Atlanta

Thanks Budd,
Yes, I'm from Alaska and I think I might have had TWO snow days the whole time I was growing up, so it is crazy to see the entire city shut down with 2".

I'm still just on the baby steps of this stuff (not even a year in), so I'm not going to comment on how to train this stuff. In my limited understanding, what you are saying jives with how we have approached the training. Mostly, we start over a lot and are constantly too tense. The static drills are at least starting to burn in somewhat to the point where we should now be moving while trying to keep the intent going. We've added in some pad work to take the more dynamic unbowing for a spin, and every once in a while we'll stumble into a decent deep-feeling strike. Nowhere near what Dan can do though. Anyway, we are definitely having a blast with this stuff!! Appreciate your comments!

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