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Re: Multiple attackers, using their idea of what is happening against them

Greg Steckel wrote: View Post
Absolutely no objection as long as they are called what they really are; which is external jujutsu movements and not being implied that they are part of the high level internal aiki that Ueshiba was renowned for.

You are contradicting yourself here.

This is what you said; "No one in the IP/IS group ever said that moving out of the way was not a valid martial movement; it can be done with or without aiki".

If you seriously mean this, then what could possibly be a valid objection of the IP/IS group against talking about this subject (aiki evasions)?

What you first called a "valid martial movement that can be done with or without Aiki", you now call external jujutsu movements?

And from this new definition you conclude that the IP/IS group does have objections if on a thread on Aiki web people discuss evations as part of their Aikido curriculum?

It seems to me that it is rather presumptious to deny people the right to talk about a subject that is part of Aikido as it is practiced all over the world.

And yes, evasion is part of the path of Aiki as set out by the founder.

It may not be part of how you or the IP/IS group would like to define Aiki, it is very well possible that you/they have come to a different conclusion.

But it should not interfere with the possibility for others to discuss the variations of evasion in Aikido or to compare these with other arts.