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Re: Best karate style for aikido?

I know this has been delving further from the topic at hand, but I would agree that head kicks in and of themselves are not used as often because they do take time to land and are often hard to employ without a feint to mask the intention of the kick.

Of course I remember very early on being kicked three times to the face by my instructor only a year or so after starting studying kyokushin, but that kind of head high attack became less effective as my skill improved and my height and weight increased.

Similarly I was concussed after being kicked to the chest with a simple mae geri delivered by a nidan fukushidoin during one of my gradings. I successfully blocked the attack but the momentum of a kick delivered by a person twenty centimetres taller and 30kgs heavier simply sent me flying backwards, head first into the ground.

At a higher level of karate, I would suggest there is far less of the rapid-fire kicking and punching, and more deliberate, aimed attacks. One karateka will try and create an opportunity or opening and exploit it rather than just relying on a random hit. The movements become more rounded in an attempt to flow and respond to an attack, not entirely unlike Aikido in that respect.

As with anything though, there are people who can genuinely pull off lightning fast kicks that can get away with kicking to the head. For me though it was an opportunistic attack rather than something regularly relied upon. We trained to use elbows and knees against forearms and shins, striking at distance and at close range, alternating the attacks to try and create an opportunity. An elbow to the head is just as effective as kicking and can be delivered in a fraction of the time.

There are so many styles, methodologies and experience that its almost impossible to pidgeon hole the success or likelihood of any type of attack, kick or otherwise.

Simply, kicks to the head exist, they can be performed, they can easily knock someone out, they can be slow or fast, they can have an enormous amount of power or just enough to tip a persons balance, they can come from an inside attacking line, an outside line, from overhead, from underneath. You name it its there. Like any other fight it may or may not present.
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