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Re: Teaching .... I have a question.

Chuck and I may come from different lineages true but I do think the points being made got across styles and even budo in general. So a couple of observations.

Shodokan (Tomiki) does differ from Aikikai for instance in both what we call randori and the formalization of the kata but you will also see what we call Ni nin dori or san nin dori which is akin to the Aikikai style randori. By the way more than three opponents really is not much more difficult just less useful - the attackers just get in each others way and therefore tend to come in as two's and three's if you are lucky.

However with respect to teaching I find that those who are really good at kata also tend to be very good at the different forms of randori. You may say that is due to plain athletic ability and there is some truth in that but on the other hand when I look at kihon I look for other aspects beyond hand here, foot there. As the grade goes up those things become more important till the point hopefully where randori and kata converge.

In teaching that is the biggest difference between higher level and lower level. A gokyu helping a nanakyu may not be ready to transmit that knowledge just as the nanakyu might not be ready to receive it. Perhaps the teaching qualification the Chuck is talking about may be about the transmission of the higher level subtleties rather than the basic movements. I would even suggest a Dan specific seminar concentrating on the strategic rather than the tactical with a teaching certificate to follow after let's say san-dan if teaching qualities are demonstrated - look at who trains with them.

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