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Re: Weapons training leads to good aikido.

Michael Stuempel wrote:
I don't dispute that this is true, however why can't you do this without weapons?
You can observe certain phenomena: if in weapons practice somebody hit partner with bit power, you will not be angry at all. One will accept it, cos it is weapons practice. But if in empty hand techniques somebody hit you or execute a technique in strong manner, one will tend to perceive it as aggressive behavior.
Spirit changes, only because one is holding a weapon. Perception of environment changes too. If attacker on the street holds a weapon or has no weapon you reaction will be different.
Now imagine how deep changes produce 30 years of studying weapons.
Michael Stuempel wrote:
Also...if you train according to the martial distance for weapons...doesn't that change for different weapons as well as for hands...? And hand movement is different from weapons movement - for example bokken - because you always hold a bokken with right hand above left, but that can and should change with empty hands.

Similar. Yes. Follows the same principles. Sure. Fun. Definately. Required for good aikido...I am still not convinced.


One of main purposes of weapons training is exactly that thing; get use to different martial distances. Not only that, body must "feel" this distance, without brain. So you will be free to do anything in any distance.
Than you can use this distance as a weapon! If you train only against empty hands, one can't develop such sophisticated skills. He train only in one distance, so can't deal unconsciously with quickly changing distance.

In fact, weapons attacks are 2-3 times faster then hand/leg attacks. If you add difficult changing distance, live blade --- you have really good deal. After that when you return to empty hand, things are simply too easy for you.

Other important dimension of weapons practice is a fact that physical force, weight and being male/female not playing important role. That situation allows learning for relatively weak and light men and woman some high level skills that are inaccessible only with empty hand practice.

There are very many others. Best way is to discover yourself, don't be lazy LOL!

6 months weapons with good teacher will change your aikido forever.


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