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Re: non-Japanese cannot become shihan anymore?

Salim Shaw wrote: View Post
It's time for Aikido in America to take over it's own destiny. The United States Aikido Federation should remove itself from the shackles of All-Japan Aikido Federation. We have enough structure and Shihan to promote and control our own organizations.
i agree with nafis. seems ok in the short run... but down the line, it could be crazy. alot of people with a sense of entitlement try to take over, split, then split again...and you have no quality control.

then what happens is you get inundated with the likes of whats-is-name premru and the broken ricebowl crazy.

personally, i like being able to trace my lineage directly to hombu.

but to get back on topic we have to remember that shihan is another word for teacher. like sensei. or kyoshi. or renshi. and thank the kami that doshu doesn't kick those last 2 around... a whole new can of worms
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