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Re: Define grappling

Interestingly enough, the core of BJJ is non-resistance!

You learn very quickly that resistance will get you in trouble fast!

I was just flipping through my "Wrestling for Fighting" book by Randy Couture. In it, you will find very few "grabs" as in No Gi grappling, grabs are a fairly weak form of gaining control.

Pummelling, whizzers, hand on back of neck...etc...all the same stuff you see in aikido is really at the core of grappling arts, if you are doing them correctly.

Yes, I agree, in Gi based Judo and BJJ grabs are definitely involved, as they should be. If you are ever faced with a situation on the street, the grabbing of clothing is a reality that you have to deal with, that is why we have Gi's involved in Judo and BJJ. They simply take it to a different level of play in competition.

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