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Re: Religion and Aikido

Jennifer Johnson wrote:
I'd be curious to hear any insights from any of you that are religious. Do you feel Aikido has a spiritual component that enhances your religious life, or do you consider Aikido to be an entirely seccular activity?

I am religious (Baha'i) and while I didn't sign up for Aikido for spiritual reasons, I have been pleasantly surprised at how much Aikido complements my religious faith.
I would say Aikido is highly compatible with religious/spiritual intentions. I was attracted to Aikido because it seemed to embody my spiritual and ethical convictions. The ideal of connecting to things in a meaningfull way and blending with them to create something which benefits all that's involved was very attractive to me. Aikido, in my opinion, has something to offer anyone, whether they're Strong Atheists or any given spiritual practice. At the very least it will teach them things which can protect them physically and allow them to continue living and learning.
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