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Re: signing a contract

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Memory FAIL. I warned y'all. Thanks Asim Hanif. Also I should have clarified that I mean't minimum reqs regarding hours/years ... there are more requirements than training time to meet the minimums for consideration of advancement to the next level-these will vary across orgs, natually.
Well, not so bad after all. True the CAA minimum reqs are there. The dojo has more stringent reqs 520 (I thought 540) training days and 2 years for nidan. Safe to say that generally the hombu minimums are respected and an org/assoc may have different but probably attempt to at least meet hombu minimums and individual dojocho may decide another set of reqs that are again above the mins of either the org/assoc or hombu.

Not to mention there is the requirement that one perform the technique correctly which entails considerably more than just getting the form correct and this is a completely subjective assessment by the sensei and testing examiners.

Worry about the time and number/type of techniques is going about it from the wrong direction - this leads to the proliferation of McDojo and rank for cash. Train in the moment and do your best with sincerity and care for your partners and the ranks will come.

Mastery? Sixth dan is awarded upon demonstration of mastery in these parts. Seems like a good time to play with ri (as in shu-ha-ri) as well. I'm spoiled since there are a bunch of 5 and 4 dans at the dojo so sandan is really no big deal (we'll see what they have to say about it).

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