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Re: Practicing Ikea

Anne-Marieke van Rooij wrote: View Post
Excuse me for kicking this topic.
Let me humbly introduce myself: Anne, black belt in mastering Ikea assembly
I rule!
Sadly, Anne-Marieke it is plain that you have been led terribly astray -- and have not had the opportunity to come up to speed on the current debates on the True Ikea -- on which, of course, there can be no debate, unless of course you already agree with those in the discussion -- in which case you can debate all you want, as long as there is no disagreement about Ikea that needs discussing. Because all disagreeable discussion is useless and all it take is one touch of true Ikea to end all debate -- and much of the warranties, also ... and on which there is much ... discussion.

But to move on to the true Ikea ...

Clearly, you are doing your assembly externally. The true Ikea is internal. External art is less painful and less worthy than taking the shortest internal route to the hara, and there is only one such path. This is the sign of all true seekers of Ikea. Acceptance of this internally will deeply change you and your ways of assembly. All external assembly arts merely pretend to be the True Ikea -.... and this is also the mark of deeply inferior marital art, -- and also of martial art...

Ikea has to be worked deeply into you so it changes you -- and then Ikea just assembles itself. It involves much solo work, but only if you have been give in hands-on training by those who are known to have had Ikea in them. Ikea involves maintaining the contradictory colors of blue and yellow -- worked in spiral oppositions -- on motorized driveshafts -- and with door-hinges that hit people and make them cry -- or so it is said by those who say that of other people who say how many people say how much Ikea that they are full of ...


Erick Mead
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