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Re: Suwari waza

Kevin McMonagle wrote: View Post
joe here is an example of what i'm talking about.

as you can see the guy in red shorts is spending a lot of time standing in a posture that is similar to your suwari waza. It is called combat base in bjj, but you can see that it is not fluid and he is double weighted. That is the posture I usually fight from but i knew there must be a better way of doing it. So now I found it with matthews link. thanks
That's pretty cool! Thanks for the link!
Also, I wanted to mention I don't think "shiko" is always a better way of moving around from the knees. I do think it's a great way of lossening and strengthening the hip area while woring on staying deep in the base. I can see where it would be impractical to keep the feet together, paricularly after watching a couple of related BJJ videos.
I really liked this one. He shows a kind of shiko with another person attached to it as he transitions into side-mount.

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