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Re: Wrong Reflexes?

IMHO the only real problem is that most dojos have aprescribed manner of learning that is appropriate for the mixed levels os students attending the same class. If you were to train with others with a similar mixed MA background and create an agreed to framework for practice then you would naturally discover what blends and switch from one to another until you discovered your natural art. Of course the instructors biases factor into this, many only talk about atemi but do not teach it. Those without experience in striking arts often use fists to hard targets when a palm to a soft target would be more natural. Or people try to graft a karate style punch into the middle of a flowing movement disrupting the actual dynamic present. Nishio Sensei's newly published book actually gives a range of atemi for different techniques, unusual for an Aikido book, but nevertheless demonstrating as he did in all his Aikido that all your experience can ultimately be a part of your Aikido, but there needs to be time and circumstance for it to happen.
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