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Re: Hakama protocol: left or right leg first?

I just pulled this from a book on Noh that I'm reading titled 疲れない体をつくる「和」の身体作法。
page 82.
"昔の人は足袋を履くときも、袴を穿く時も、必ず左からはきました。これから行動(陽の行為)を起こす為ですから、左からはくのです。そして袴を右から穿くのは「陰」の行 為するとき、すなわち死に赴く時だけ、切腹のときだけだといわれています"

Basically yeah, you go left foot first because right foot is bad. The dreaded In and Yo are called into play so yes, even putting on your hakama could be considered internal training. (Yeegads!) I apologize for my poor translation, but I just came back in from late night O Hanami and my head is throbbing from the rotgut sake (cheapskates...). Just thought it funny that this question would come up the same day that I read about it. Fire it into google translate or get a more sober soul to do it.

Cheers, and good night.
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