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Re: Misogi per Tsubaki Jinja

Sorry, I meant to include the following as well:
Izanagi-no-OKami (Kami who created solar-system and ancestor Kami of all on Earth) conducted the first Misogi-Shuho following his visit to the Yomi (world of death). His purpose was to "wash away defilement", "cleanse his body from pollutants" and to "perform the purification of his august person". Prior to entering the Tachibana River to cleanse completely Izanagi-no-Mikoto rid himself of all his possessions… he was being pursued by elements of impurity from the Underworld he first through his tsue (staff)….from that staff SARUTAHIKO-NO-O-KAMI was born.

This is why SARUTAHIKONO-O-KAMI is also known as DOUSOUJIN, Kami of the Way, Path and Kami to protect the Path. FUNADO-NO-OU-KAMI, Kami to protect crossroads, KUNADO-NO-SAHE-NO-KAMI, Kami to Protect , ward off misfortune….Sarutahiko-no-O-Kami has many other names as well.

Then Izanagi-no-O-Kami threw away all his Jewelry and clothing into the river as they were also contaminated by impurities. These articles became the twelve Kami who protect the directions in which people live, travel, work and conduct business…..

Then after finding the spot in the river not to swift and not to slow Izanagi-no-O-Kami entered the river to purify himself….many Kami were created from this act, many Kami of wrongdoing as well as Kami to rectify wrongdoing originated during this first Misogi.
Doesn't this suggest misogi (and thus Aikido as a misogi practice?) is about cleansing away impurity, even despite the fact that both good and bad things came from that supposed first event? If we can say misogi is about removing negative things, and the goal is a sort of endless effort at positivity (which includes optimism regarding anything/one we encounter, per my understanding of the Misogi no O Harai, at least), wouldn't that imply the corollary of an effort toward kindness...bearing in mind I accept kindness can include a punch to the nose where it might be, well, kind to do so?
Whatever the case, I'll have to think about it quite a bit more and ask Sensei Barrish his view. I'm finding myself going back and changing terms back and forth which is never a good sign to me that I know what I'm talking about...or trying to say for that matter.
Anyhow, sorry for the long tangent, but I'm trying to see how we might make the title phrase...agreeable.
Take care folks!
p.s. rereading this I can see how I might still need to show that "Ki" is being purified (and thus returned to it's positive state)? mind any other holes in my attempt at logically connecting these things...

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