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Re: Ki is Kindness.

I am going to clarify my position since this thread is now getting pretty long. My responses on this thread are predominately targeted at the manner in which Graham made his initial post. The manner in which Graham presented his post, and subsequent claim was done in a manner consistent with presenting fact, yet it was opinion.

Aikido is a complicated art. Many of its concepts are complicated in nature and many of use also have cultural and language barriers to overcome. In the discussion of complicated topics on forums like Aikiweb I believe it is necessary to be clear, concise and supportive of statements we make. Aikiweb is home to a variety of countries, languages, educational backgrounds, aikido styles and so forth. It is important that we leave little ambiguity to what we say.

The claim Ki is kindness is an invalid claim is my opinion. I cannot speculate on a subject about which too little information is presented to garner discussion. The bulk of this thread has been tangental to the initial post.

You are upset by the fact that I do not give evidential support to my statement. Is that not true?
I am not upset by the content of the posts on this thread; I am disappointed I cannot participate in following how Graham arrived at his claim that ki is kindness.

You believe that is the correct way to present something. Is that correct?
I believe that rules of language are constructed to maximize clear and effective communication. I believe that we should work within those rules to express ourselves. I think we should use terminology that accurately reflects what we want to say, I believe that we should present our thoughts in a manner consistent with how we wish them to be interpreted.

You equate this as the correct way to present a .thesis for debate. Is that correct?
I believe that the initial post was presented as a conclusion based upon some evidential basis. I choose to request the supporting information to allow myself to arrive at the same conclusion. As I stated in one of my previous posts I now know that the case was that Graham did not present a conclusion for discussion, but was just opining upon a personal reflection.

You expect me to do this otherwise you can't agree?
Is that correct?
Correct. A statement of fact is different than an opinion. I do not believe you can agree or disagree with an opinion, since opinion is merely an expression and not verifiable. I can verify the sun will come up tomorrow; I cannot verify whether blue is the best color.

If you and others hold firmly to this point if view then in this particular case you will be disappointed.
Correct. I was hoping to hear something that would make your statement resonate with me. Instead, I felt like I was missing something since I didn't drink the KoolAid.

The source of the statement is me. I can explain how I come to this but it is not through reference to what anyone else says or believes, it's through my own gained awareness in my practice of Aikido and Ki-atsu.
This could have lead into your personal comment from the beginning. Instead, I your comments were unclear as to the origin of them; I believe this damaged the ethos of your statement by omitting that you had only personal experience as the foundation of your belief.
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