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mazhar dardari
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New Developed method of the traditional Aikido

New Developed method of the traditional Aikido

What is Dardari Jiu-jitsu Style?

This method depends on the attack and defense to eliminate,
Traditional and nontraditional, individual and collective attack.
This method has unified many of the techniques of both martial and sportive compacts in one effective system in order to utilize in the compact, all the situations and tools, for arriving to the definitive result as soon as possible.
This kind of methods on the realistic compact, far from the pre prepared situations, the thing that helps the person to defend him self anywhere and under all the circumstances, it trains the apprentice on, arming and disarming, un usual situation, public and privet places, floor fighting, and the most effective hand compact.

Dardari jiu-jitsu Style, is the result of many years of experience in martial arts, it was founded to eliminate traditional and nontraditional attacks, control the collective attacks and dealing with it in effective way, either for self defense or for protecting other people.

This method depends on, applying well studied strikes on the nerve points, and using double applicable techniques, in the aim of, parallelizing the opponent movement,
In addition to the strategy of breaking his balance throw hitting the centers and the crosses of the feet, in order to achieve the total control upon him.
This method is the end result of the experiences in joining together, the violent and aggressive Russian martial compact schools, with the strict and firm Japanese stile.

Best Regards
Mazhar Al-Dardari
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