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Re: I can't seem to keep my clothes on!

Victoria Pitt wrote: View Post
I am getting paranoid lately that you can see what color my underwear is through my gi. I haven't checked because I keep forgetting- it only crosses my mind when I am being taken down in a strange position.
I actually have this problem. My husband and I have gi's from the exact same supplier, but for some strang reason my gi pants are quite thin and his are normal. I actually have to "test drive" underwear before I deam them dojo worthy. The last time I went shopping at Victorias Secret I thought "Will this show through my gi pants?"

I can only get away with light pink, nude and off white. I absolutely hate not wearing whatever underwear I happen to have on. I always get slightly jealous when I see another girl changing in the dressing room and she has on these dark plum underwear! I wanna wear dark plum underwear too............

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