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David Yap
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Charles Hill wrote:

Due to the length and (IMHO) the lack of inner logic in your last post, I see that I may have hit a nerve. I'm going to take that as my being correct in my assessment of you.

..My basic opinion is that you, David, have no deep understanding of the things that you write and that some of it is just wrong. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised to learn you hold a bokken at the wrong end..

Keeping going, Charles, your inner self is surfacing. Incidentally, have you read the story about Musashi's last shiai? On the boat to the island where duel was arranged, Musashi curved a bokken from an old oar that he had found on the boat. Musashi had no confidence of winning but at the end his more experienced opponent gave the battle away - he lost his composure.

Which part of the last post did not make sense to you? FYI, English was never my mother tongue. My deepest and humble apology.

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