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I have very little interest in video for much the same reason. Watch and train it is the best we can do.

I don't video tape my teacher and I don't video tape myself.

In the former case there are times I wish I had when up comes a technique I probably wont see again for quite some time that I found particularily interesting and complicated enough that memory wont serve. However, I wont sit around messing with a video camera on the of chance that that happens. I can understand people who don't get the exposure (ie. only through seminars) making the other choice.

As for personal videos corny as it may sound I am more interested in how my Aikido feels than how I look. I don't want to get distracted. Embu competitors often take videos to quickly identify the rough bits but I don't generally compete and therefore work on a longer time scale. By rough bits I don't mean the quality of the kata but how the pair interact. Embu requires both tori and uke to be in harmony and still look like martial action.

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