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Re: Non-Aikido thoughts and considerations

Sorry I was tied up with something.
I am aware not only of this video but how it arrived into public view and changed the opinion of one of Kondos detractors. It blew the seshinkans earlier comments out of the water, but it left a lot of curious stuff still on the table. Kondo's Menkyo (date of issue) was back dated (according to Stan) into the eimoroku. The reason was suggested that it was going to upset people. Did you think I was saying Kondo was not menkyo? I was commenting on the very weird way (after his death) that all of this went down for Tokimune's students and his family. Being awarded menkyo is usually a process, a celebration and your mates get to see you progress and in general everyone knows.

It's the soke of what? That is a curiosity to me, and who was awarded ranks in what of two different arts.
I thought it curious (and Stan didn't have an answer either) that Tokimune made it clear that he was soke of the art he created Daito ryu aiki budo which he clearly differentiates from Daito ryu aiki-jujutsu
Then he awarded ranks in both, but a menkyo in one..
Since Takeda S. did not call himself soke, how did Takeda T. become soke of Sokaku's art. Wouldn't he be the latest er...general affairs director as well?
Every art can do what ever the heck it wants. We have many precedents for arts that are koryu (or act like koryu). For the most part they are pretty straight forward. All of this was placed in the public eye by its own students, and played out there, so it came to everyone's attention. As such, the whole thing was very curious.

An art with no history has an extremely capable head, who claims it is an eight or nine hundred year old Koryu. Then he himself does not act in accordance with the norms of much of what that means, and as well invents, (discovers?) added scrolls as time goes on?
Then the Son has rather odd transmission issues as well.
We can say that a common theory is that Sokaku did indeed invent the art, but that opens another can of worms no one wants to touch.
This has been done to death. Every once in a while the weirdness of it all pops up, that's all,
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