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Re: The continued Evolution of Aikido

Clarence Couch wrote: View Post
I was just wondering, do you talk like that in person (the the "thingy" thing)?

Yes we do, whether some realize it or not. There's all kinds of examples of competition all around us, one just has to notice.
Clarence I was hoping for something more substancial here to discuss in your reply.

There goes that "thingy" thing again. What's up with that? Once again (for the 3rd or 4th time), you're talking about biological evolution, which applies to all things in Nature. That's different than the evolution that I'm talking about, which also applies to Aikido , which is the Industrial evolution, which can happen in a matter of weeks or overnight and applies to most all things not occuring in Nature. Now, since the pinciples of Aikido are based on Natural Principles, then it falls under the "Natural biological evolution" and those will have to evolve naturally, but all other things in Aikido can be evolved much sooner.
I don't really like to go here, but, I am confused by you here, and not on a surface level. As far as I see it, and explained it, you can't evolve Aikido. Only the person who does Aikido evolves to understand it. And that is why I use the biological sense. In fact, I the String theory is better for Aikido, as it is an evolved theory.

Wow, sounds like you're as cynical as House and you may be right about everyone's roles( on House), that takes nothing away from the fact that the statement is absolutely true.-"If it wasn't for competition, we'd all still be single cell organisms."
Cynical as the character and just as brilliant. As far as competition that is how we see it. Does the cells see it as such? Or is that what is really happening? As far as Aikido, Aikido flourished successfully under the philosophy of non-competition. Competition will also render a species extinct. Cooperation is over looked as unevolved people don't see that. Well because that is people see what they want to see.

Aikido evolved from violence (warring arts) to peace (self-defense/spiritual exercise). Mirroring the political science adage, from swords to plowshares. A society evolves from warring states to...well the rest of the stuff you know.

Evolution applied to Aikido isn't really something important to learning or mastering Aikido. Again it is the person who starts a new student and through time develops understanding of principles and thought that are reflected as skill, and character. It is that type of thingy that Aikido is about. That is a fact.