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Re: Does Desiring Power Impair Aiki ?

isn't desire a form of power? a couple of thoughts (I can't count). "power tends to corrupt,...." is it power that corrupt or is it the human that wields power corrupt? is gun kill or the person who pulls the trigger kill? gun represents power, is the person who hold the gun has more power than the gun or less? which leads to some other thoughts, to control a power required a great power, to control a greater power, required a greater still power, and on and on. can power be control with less power? or is power an illusion?

another random thought, agatsu means (I hope) self victory. victory implies battle or fight. victory implies a winner and a loser. self victory implies a battle or a fight with yourself. so who is the loser in self victory? how many look into the mirror and like the person that look back, including all those dark, hidden corners of that person soul?

if my knowledge is correct, O Sensei was a power hungry, arrogant, vicious, and a nasty bugger in his younger years. he searched for power and got power. yet he changed in his later years. what changed a man? can a man be changed? can the core of a man be changed? to change a thing requires a power from a thing. didn't O Sensei said "I am the universe"? the universe has lots of power. or it could be that he was just an delusional old man who found a way to change his universe?

just rambling and musing on power and aiki. mind you, I only know power, and not much on aiki.
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