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Re: non-dan ranks in hakama

Rachel Massey (rachmass) wrote:
Hi all, how about a discussion on wearing hakama if you are not a dan rank? How do you feel about it? What about organizations where women wear hakama, but men do not?
Hello Rachel

There is some comments about wearing a hakama on:

IMHO, I subscribe to the view that anyone who wants to can wear a hakama and the comments in the article on the above website. That's a personal opinion. I train at two dojos where the rules regarding hakamas are different. One dojo, only yudansha grades can wear hakamas. Women with kyu grades can choose to wear a hakama if they want. The other dojo I train at: yundashas wear a hakama and kyu grades with the permission of Sensei can wear a hakama if they choose.

There are women and men who do not wear hakamas at the dojos that I train at and there are absolutely no modesty problems that I have encountered.

The use of the hakama at the dojos that I train at is more of a symbol of rank and seniority than anything else. Personally I don't agree with this but I understand that there are some rules and practices that are specific to dojos.

Its an interesting question though and I think I'll ask my Senseis at both Dojos for their thoughts on the matter. It'll be interesting to see the origins of the practice.

All the best for training and the best of luck for your dojo.

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