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Re: What is Aiki? Introduction to a method of analyzing Aiki. (Part 3)

Cady Goldfield wrote: View Post
... I keep looking for a very direct, to-the-point description, and much of what Sagawa's students write really are pretty abstract and roundabout in a way that you have to already be indoctrinated in the body method (as you are) to see the apparent allusions and connections.
Hello Cady,

So do I.
In fact, worse still, I like double blind tests.

Here's the attempt of a straightforward explanation and sober analysis written by a woman who had apparently dedicated a good part of her entire life to the study of Tai Chi as a martial art. None of the usual unintelligible sometimes rather uninformed stuff, which is not logically deductible and has never been concretely verified. What do you think of it, in comparison to Takahashis approach?



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