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Re: Baseline skillset

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Hi rob
I also could say that -that-twisting I was referring to just now isn't a local core thing at all. It's the limbs and center, dantien if you will, working as a taught unit. It gives winding a whole different feel. Its worth noting facial sheets surrounding the dantien and the organs then on to the lungs spiralling out and up and down. Its interesting to have a greco roman guy or a judoka trying to work your upper body and you being able to draw-down and weight them without moving. All done with fascia. Having that continual non-slack non opening (covered in all directions) feel that makes very fast change ups and hits or shoves or the rapid quick reversal or "shake" of Daito ryu possible..
Well I was talking more about the IMA "101" stage as well, just to be clear.
But even at that stage you can have some results in that context providing you have a connected body.

I agree with you on the more overall connection, being more important which I'm finally getting myself.
Its a continual process of "well I think it's like that" and 6 months down the road going " that was such an amateurish take on it"
The Aun statue I posted before from Kofuku temple is a pretty good example of the windings I *think* you're talking about.
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